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AD/LC206/6 Six light Murano glass chandelier, Italian import. Available in gold, silver or all clear glass. 30" high x 30" wideAD/LC881 Three tiered alabaster pendant fixture with bronze patina chain and fittings. 18" wide, 22" highALLC200743 Small three light Murano chandelier with gold flecked bobeches. 25" high x 21" wideALLC23281 Aurea handblown Murano glass down light pendant fixture. Takes a single 60 watt bulb. 26" high x 16" wide BG/COLC02 Vintage 10 light gilt wood Italian chandelier.BG/COLC04 Small vintage 3 light bronze dore chandelier with leaf and small acorn motif. 15" high plus chain and canopy, 12.75" wideBG/COLC08 Vintage small scale crystal basket chandelier with single down light socket. 12" high plus chain and canopy, 10.5" wideBG/COLC09 Small crystal bowl chandelier with crystal pendants and drapery, 3 candelabra sockets. 12" high x 10" wide 3pc available BG/COLC10 Vintage silver plated chandelier with two tiers and 12 lights. 30" high plus chain and canopy, 27" wideBG/COLC11 Six light iron gilt metal chandelier with bloth clear and ro ck crystals. 25" high, 20" wide 2pc availableBG/COLC19 7 light Art Deco pendant fixture with 6 decorative glass leaves in a brass frame. 2pcs available.COL378 Vintage 10 light Swedish crystal chandelier with six exterior candle holders. COL388 8 light bronze Louis XV style chandelier.COL404 Pair of cut glass pendants with decorative antique brass caps at top and bottowm.COL422 9 light crystal chandelier on black metal frame with gilt metal and colored crystal fruit accents.EGL07 French style 9 light bronze and crystal chandelier with beading on arms. EGLC01 Camer Venini glass chandelier with silver fittings.EGLC02 15 light Large "Sputnik" ceiling mount fixture.EGLC05 8 light round brass chandelier with black painted accents.EGLC06 12 light tole leaf motif chandelier. EGLC08 Small scale Empire style crystal chandelier with smoked colored crystal accents and four interior lights.EGLC09 Chandelier with 6 lights, dark green tole frame with leaves and porcelain flowers.EGLC10 6 light patinated Empire style chandelier with chains and wooden ornamentation.LC590 Iron chandelier with midieval castle motif with 8 torch lights. 23" high, 40" wide, 14" diameter LC630 Six light chandelier, rust iron finish. 22" high plus chain, 23" diameterLC658 Vintage 4 light crystal chandelier with crystal beading around frame, French import. 30" high, 19" wideLC682 Crystal chandelier on black iron frame with crown of crystal beading at top, 6 light, French import. 24" high, 26" wideLC684 Gothic style four light chandelier in rush iron finish, French import. 28" high x 24" wide LC752 Three light pewter lantern with floral ethced glass. 22" high, 11.5" diameterLC760 Small 10 light clear crystal chandelier with single crystal balls hanging from center and each bobeche. 26" high, 24" wideLC765 Bronze and Murano glass grape and leaf motif chandelier. 20" high, 21" wideLC767 Eight light Italian chandelier in gilt metal with leaf motif. 25" high, 28" wide LC769 Antique six light tole chandelier, multi colored floral motif, newly wired, imported from France. 25" high, 18" wideLC780 Empire style beaded crystal chandelier with 3 interior lights and 3 exterior lights. 32"high, 18" wideLC781 Six light hanging fixture in an antique brass finish with 8" raffia shades. 21" high x 32" wideLC794 Venetian style hand blown frosted glass lantern with brass filigree detailing. 12" high plus chain and canopy, 8" wide LC812 Four light wrought iron chandelier with scroll and fleur de lis motif, French import. 29" high x 34" wideLC828 Empire style 6 light bronze chandelier with flame motif. 25.5" high, 22.5" wideLC830 Six light rock crystal chandelier on a brushed nickel Louis XV Versailles style frame. 27" high, 21" wideLC836 Murano ovoid shape pendant fixture with bronze leaf and vine mounting. 29" high x 9" wide LC841 Large 12 light white tulip chandelier in white pot with one additional down light.LC844 Large multi colored floral chandelier with 7 candelabra lights and one down light in flower pot.LC852 Small brass lotus chandelier with one down light Edison socket. 9.5" wide, 9" high plus chain and canopy, 15" wideLC859 Vintage pink Murano pendant fixture with brass filigree, newly wired.14" high x 8" wide LC864 Vintage cut crystal pendant fixture with bronze fittings, single down light. 17" high, 7" wideLC870 Antique four light Caldwell chandelier, clear and amethyst crystals on painted green and black frame with gilt accents. 32" high, 21.5" wideLC872 Six llight cut crystal floral chandelier on black and gold painted iron frame. 28" high x 26" wideLC890 Vintage eight light rock crystal and bronze frame chandelier. 32" high x 24" wide LC891 Small 6 light chandelier with blue crystal flowers and bobeches and clear crystal arms. 24" high plus canopy x 20" highLC893 Four light bronze chandelier with hanging yellow glass square shade in metal frames, circa 1940s. 14" high plus chain and canopy x 22" wideLC895 Three light beaded globe pendant fixture with crystal floral motif on antique gold frame. 36" high x 19.5" wideLC897 Vintage crystal beaded basket pendant with large bronze rim with leaf motif. 17" diameter x 14" high plus chain LC904 Vintage ovoid shaped frosted glass flushmount with urn and foliate motif decorative detailing, single down light. 17" high x 8" wideLC905 Six light carved wood chandelier in pale blue and gray. 28" high x 26" diameter.LC916 Small five light tole chandelier with hand painted pink and cream roses on green leaf frame. 18" high x 21" wideLC921 6 light vintage chandelier with gilt owood column, clear and amethyst crystal. SS/LC01 Small 5 light wheat chandelier in antique white and gold paint finish.SS/LC02 Small 5 light gold painted chandelier with leaf motif.SS/LC03 12 light, 2 tiered black and gold painted chandelier with leaf motif.